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Agency Growth Advisory Services

Growth Strategy

You’re not quite yet ready to sell, but want to be put on a path to success?

We can help you on your journey to maximise your exit options and valuation through focussing on 4 key areas.

Did you know?

Our sell-side M&A services utilise the same 4 key areas of focus during the Preparation Phase. We recommend one full year of focus on these 4 areas ahead of a sale to ensure you're giving yourself the best possible exit opportunities.
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Proposition & Positioning

Specialist or generalist? is your proposition clearly substantiated to be attractive for a buyer? How can you supercharge it? What's your USP?
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Clients & Pricing

Are you over reliant on particular clients? When is the last time you reviewed your rate card? What is the split of projects vs retainers? Are your clients happy?
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Financials & Growth

How is your reporting? What do your financial KPIs look like?
What does next year look like? What is your plan to drive revenue/profitability? How do you acquire new clients?
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The Team

Will your culture seem attractive for a buyer? How is your management team incentivised? Is there alignment on a growth plan + exit? Is your retention rate positive?
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What is a Fractional CFO?

Find out how our Fractional CFO services can help you focus on what matters.
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