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Fractional CFO Services

Introducing our Fractional CFO

Simon Collard is a highly-experienced Chief Financial Officer with over 25 years of experience working across digital marketing agencies.

He delivers clear and simple numbers to help agencies become easier to manage, more fun to run and, most importantly, more profitable.
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Why choose A Fractional CFO?

Insight & Implementation

Your existing Finance team are experts at bookkeeping, invoicing etc, but lack the strategic insight and experience for analysis and recommendations.

You're Spinning Plates

You’re personally overstretched, running the agency, dealing with fires, only having time for the briefest of glances at the numbers with no time to think.

Smarter Decisions

Helps to make smarter commercial decisions about projects from estimating through to project tracking.

Cost efficiency

The cost of a Fractional CFO is significantly less than that of making tricky financial decisions without proper guidance through years of experience.
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“I've been learning how to run a digital agency for 12 years and Simon's experience put it all into perspective in a simple and easy to relate to way”

Managing Director – Digital Agency

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How much does it cost?
Fractional CEO services start at £2,000pm and can be tailored to work for your budget through the number of days you need support a month.
I already have an FD in place, is this for me?
We make FDs' lives easier! We work alongside existing Finance Teams to implement strategies around pricing, debt management, accounts payable/receivable etc alongside implementing improved reporting models.
How does it work?
We agree a set number of days per month (can scale up/down over time) and meet in person or over video call monthly. We're there to support you as much as you need it.
How do I start?
Get in touch for a free exploratory call with Simon. You'll talk through your challenges, financial strengths and weaknesses and we will work out how we could help.